Animated Twitch Scenes

We make stunning custom animations that can be used for a multitude of situations. We will custom design intros for you that can immediately grab the attention of your viewers. Our tailored outros leave an impression of professionality and style. We also can create graphics for Twitch BRB screens/AFK screens and switching servers and alerts & social media pop-ups.

Twitch Panels and Buttons

Bringing in viewers and subscribers can be much easier with buttons and panels that work properly and look fantastic. We can make amazing buttons that can be used to sent viewers to your page, website, twitch channel, and more. Our buttons can be clean and simple or extravagant. It’s all up to you, the client.

Twitch Offline Screens

When you’re not actively streaming on your feed, it can be hard to be sure that your page is staying relevant. You don’t want just any offline picture on your twitch page. Let us create a gorgeous offline image for you that will have viewers impressed and interested in coming back for more.

Twitch Overlays

Creating streaming overlays can be complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming. Not for us. We can create impressive overlays twitch overlays or overlays for other streaming sites that you use. Quality overlays are a great way to ensure that your entire video is more interesting from start to finish.


A good logo will draw the attention of the viewers you’re trying to attract. When you’re gaming, your logo will represent who you are as a player. No matter what you are using your logo for, a premium design can be a huge asset. At Shadey Designs, we know that making a logo can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Nothing is more annoying than putting hours of your time into the creation of a logo that you still aren’t satisfied with. Our designers have years of experience designing and fixing logos for all sorts of visual media. We can create a logo from scratch, or make something that pairs well with the concepts you’ve already created or are trying to promote. A great logo can make your channel, gaming style, or individual message stand out from the pack. Your logo is an important part of your image and defines who you are as an individual. Let us make you an amazing logo for a great price today!

Cheer Emotes

Adding emotes can be fun and entertaining. They add that little bit of extra flair that shows you really understand your streaming audience and fellow gamers. Creating cheer emotes can also take an excessively long time. It’s not an easy process and can take all of the fun out of the experience. You probably don’t want to look at an emote and only be reminded of the grueling creation process. Shadey Designs can save you the time and hassle of trying to create cheer emotes from scratch or by using a generator. We will happily create entertaining animated emotes for bits on twitch and more!